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    Quality, Safety and the Environment, are cornerstone issues for Hydro-X. High quality products that are safe to use and have the lowest possible impact on the environment ensure the best possible overall treatment, which is an integral part of our commitment to social responsibility.

    Quality is ensured through careful selection of raw-materials, extensive research, ISO certification, quality control, careful selection of packaging and by making service an integrated part of the treatment solution.

    A wide selection of raw-materials for use within the water treatment industry is available today and new products are constantly being developed. Our extensive understanding of these products allows us to provide high quality water treatment packages that will offer the best possible result.

    Safety is integrated throughout the development, production, handling and application of the treatment. Safety in terms of water treatment is very complex and relates to issues such as personal safety, environmental safety, equipment safety and product knowledge.

    Safety related to boiler water treatment also relates to the safety of the steam produced. The ability to produce pure steam without toxic chemicals, such as Hydrazine, is a must.

    One of the most important regulations in terms of boiler water treatment and health safety is the US FDA Code of Federal Regulations, section 21, paragraph 173.310 (CFR21 - 173.310), which specifies what treatment products are acceptable, and in what amounts, for boiler water treatment and steam treatment, when the steam comes in to direct contact with edible products.

    Environmental issues were of little concern to most a few years ago, industries and people alike. With increased worldwide development, things have, however, changed much within the last two to three decades and it does in fact seem that issues such as global warming, raw-material and fuel shortage, depletion of fresh water sources, pollution, etc. are gaining more and more attention.

    These issues are now being addressed in many ways and water treatment is very much one of the fields that have attracted a lot of focus.

    Continuous technological development, products as well as know-how, is a very important factor when it comes to addressing water treatment related challenges and we aim to make the best possible use of the technology available. Water and fuel consumption reduction, low environmental impact and recycling are but a few of the requirements that Hydro-X aims to fulfil.

    Hydro-X (Qingdao) Industrial Water Treatment Co., Ltd.
    Zhuzhou Road– Laoshan District – 266101, Qingdao – Shandong Province – P.R. China
    P: +86 (0)532 88903360 – F: +86 (0)532 88903356 – info@hydrox-cn.com – www.sitopalletas.com

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