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      Our marketing philosophy aims at using dedicated distributors and agents, whom we provide with extensive technical training and support. Distributors and agents will normally have a better local understanding and contact sphere, offering them a unique opportunity to benefit from a close cooperation with us.

      If you want to become a water treatment distributor, or agent, and if you are convinced that you possess the will, skills and resources, then we would very much like to hear from you.

      Hydro-X (Qingdao) Industrial Water Treatment Co., Ltd.
      Zhuzhou Road– Laoshan District – 266101, Qingdao – Shandong Province – P.R. China
      P: +86 (0)532 88903360 – F: +86 (0)532 88903356 – info@hydrox-cn.com – www.sitopalletas.com

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