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  • Company Introduction

    Hydro-X (Qingdao) Industrial Water Treatment Co. Ltd. was established in 2001 - as a “wholly owned foreign enterprise” - with the purpose of providing high-quality, innovative and environment friendly industrial water treatment solutions from Hydro-X International A/S (Denmark), for the vast and expanding Chinese market, with initial focus on the market within Shandong province.

    In 2012 Hydro-X (Qingdao) consolidated its market position by adding a partnership with International Aquatreat Co. bvba (Belgium), which significantly expanded the product portfolio, in a market where ever more focus is placed on the environment, on preventing resourcewaste (water, energy, man-hours, etc.) and on improving efficiency of utility and power plants.

    Aiming at delivering Conceptual treatment - defined as solutions that combine products, know-how, service and support - Hydro-X (Qingdao) offers chemicals, equipment, service and support, related to industrial water treatment. Service includes extensive analysis - work for our customers, enabling customers to accurately evaluate the environment-, financial- and production related advantages offered, before and during the treatment process.

    With a highly diversified product portfolio, spanning advanced treatment of boiler systems operating at pressures up to in excess of 20 MPa, industrial cooling systems, HVAC systems, RO / membrane filtration, district heating systems and more, Hydro-X (Qingdao) delivers treatment solutions for any water system: Reducing: Blow down, water-loss, energy consumption and maintenance. Increasing: System lifetime and efficiency. Preventing and removing: Scale, corrosion and deposits.

    Important and extensive know-how and experience has been acquired by Hydro-X and Aquatreat over a period of several decades, all of which is being used to consolidate a leading position within the industrial water treatment market. Close cooperation with customers, partners,agents and distributors, covering more than 60 countries worldwide, ensures outstanding solutions and correct information about water treatment.

    Hydro-X and Aquatreat are certified according to ISO 9001 (Quality) and ISO 14001 (Environment). Hydro-X is further-more certified according to ISO 18001 (Work-environment). These internal and external quality management principles, combined with continuous product and market development, assures our customers, that they will be helped in the best possible way, both now and in the future, thus making Hydro-X (Qingdao) their preferred supplier of water treatment solutions.

    Hydro-X (Qingdao) Industrial Water Treatment Co., Ltd.
    Zhuzhou Road– Laoshan District – 266101, Qingdao – Shandong Province – P.R. China
    P: +86 (0)532 88903360 – F: +86 (0)532 88903356 – info@hydrox-cn.com – www.sitopalletas.com

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